Your first reading with me (one question) is free. Yesss!

Your reading will be delivered within 12 hours. When I can’t guarantee this anymore, the change will be posted here with expected turn around time. =)

• • •

• 30 Minute Reading / $25:  Buy Now Button

I will issue 30 minutes to the interpretation of your cards and delivery of your reading. Generally, one-question snapshots, clarity for upcoming, past, or present opportunities.

• 60 Minute Reading / $40: Buy Now Button

 I will issue 60 minutes to the interpretation of your cards and delivery of your reading. This is ideal for looking in depth at more than one issue, or for a combination of past/present/future concerns. I recommend this reading for questions about your life path/spiritual focus, or questions of an otherwise ‘existential’ nature.

• New and Full Moon Consultation / $15:  Buy Now Button

Enhance the focus of your reading and clear a path for yourself during these peak energy times by adding this option. I will review your chart, and together we will discuss the snapshot of the Moon phase, energetic potentials, and intention setting. This option creates a space in which you and I can refer back to these Lunar markers, with a clear picture in mind of your manifestations and intentions, and their time-line origins/results.

• Reading for Two / $65 : Buy Now Button

Bring your friend! I will read for you and another in one context of your choosing: intimate relationship, business, creative endeavor, co-parenting, mentor/student relationship, etc. Or, if both of you are involved in more than one way, as many are, I will read for those as well, just add $50 to your reading per area of concern. Each report will be full length, and will detail your involvement with each other in a specific context, energetic effects, and benefits/detriments, and possible outcomes. 

• Significators for the Week Ahead / $15 :  Buy Now Button

I will draw a pair of significators for your coming week, and delineate the theme and message of the pair as they apply to your very near future. What we see could be something that is coming up, or something already going on, or from the past, that will be a player in the week ahead.  You don’t need a question for this one.

• • •

Every reading I do comes with a follow up. If you have any questions, we can go through the reading and address whatever you want. We can do this through email, or over the phone; just message me with your number and we can work out a time. Follow-ups over the phone seem to take the least amount of time, cumulatively, but whatever you prefer works for me.



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