Code of Ethics







• You will be met with positive regard. Your concerns and your situation will be met with understanding and empathy. I am a Scorpio, and I enjoy sticking to my own personal code of conduct, which includes the above. It is not my job as your Reader to critique or judge your (human) condition. (However, if you are not human, I reserve the right to critique something about your request for a reading. For novelty purposes.)

• Questions about physical health or illness, psychological illness, legal matters, or finance should always be directed to qualified practitioners and advisors in these areas of concern. It is in your best interest to seek professional help when addressing these issues.

• When you regard the information that comes through in your readings with me, I encourage you to use your intuitive knowing, or your logic, or whatever compass you prefer, to decide how, or if, or when you will apply the information to your life. I can show you options and paths to take, and the rest – the work – is up to you. While I will encourage you, and use our follow up emails as a tool to assist us both in awareness of the work you do, I feel it is important that you do not rely on me to *tell you what to do* as a substitution for your own judgment. I can offer personal advice, if you like, and if I have experience relevant to your reading. If you want my advice but my experience is limited or not there, I will not hesitate to say so.

• I agree to keep the information and the content of your reading strictly confidential. Confidentiality is waived if information presented to me clearly involves malicious criminal action or intent.

• Because each of us has free will, I prefer not to give concrete yes/no answers to questions like, “Will I lose my job?” or, “Is she cheating on me?” Just examples. Signs may point to yes or no, but you (and the people making decisions around you) can have a change of mind, or a change in plan, changing a concrete “yes” or “no” answer. I will work with your concern, and will help you to choose a question that will reveal the nature of the energy present in your relationship to that outside influence. We will then know more about the situation and how it affects you. Similarly, I can not answer questions about what other, possibly distant people are doing with their lives. My readings focus on you, and your options. I can show you through the cards how your thoughts and actions affect the relationship you have to another person/situation, and what you can do to manage and care for your feelings and options in this regard.



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