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Valentine’s Day Roar

Over the years, Valentine’s Day has revealed itself to me to be a complex amalgamation of consumerism and ardent expectation, tradition, and entitlement to the fruits of a tradition which, historically, is the emotional equivalent of a cash cow. Happiness, romance, surprise? Priceless products of a consumer holiday, properly celebrated. …says Capricorn, transiting my first … Continue reading

Eight of Swords Addressed by the Uranus/Pluto Squares

In a reading done for me the other day (by a gentle but fierce teacher who inspires me deeply), the Eight of Swords card was drawn. It was a less than desirable card for my reading, but it was a harbinger of an important revelation, and I paid attention. I want to share the meaning … Continue reading

Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Taurus

The upcoming lunation, and the outstanding planetary arrangement during the May 9th Solar Eclipse, deserves a decadent introduction. I’ll quote myself, if I please: “Taurus. Taurus, and Taurus. Also, Taurus, Taurus and Taurus. And for all you natal Taureans, T A U R U S.”     – Megan, not a Taurus, lover of Taurus On May … Continue reading

Scorpio Full Moon

 If the Scorpio full moon hasn’t reached culmination where you are, it will do so soon. Most of the people I’ve talked with about this lunar event started feeling a little “funny” a few days ago. This is a POWER moon, y’all! Changes are upon us. How will we greet them? If you haven’t already, … Continue reading

New Moon in Aries/Noctua Tarot’s First Blog!

Since we are so close to the April 10th New Moon, I think it is a good idea to cover some ground for intention setting. If you are unfamiliar with intention setting, this is a great place to cozy up to the idea. The coming New Moon is in Aries. This is a “take initiative” … Continue reading