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Eight of Swords Addressed by the Uranus/Pluto Squares

In a reading done for me the other day (by a gentle but fierce teacher who inspires me deeply), the Eight of Swords card was drawn. It was a less than desirable card for my reading, but it was a harbinger of an important revelation, and I paid attention. I want to share the meaning of this card from a personal and global perspective with you, as it relates to the cosmic and collective shift which we are all experiencing.


The woman in the Eight of Swords card is out of touch, removed from her intuition, her Source, that which nourishes her (represented by the water below her feet, which don’t actually touch the water). Under a dreary sky, in a situation from which she could choose to loose her bindings and walk away, she stands voluntarily blindfolded. The path ahead of her is a clear one. She has to take off the blindfold and put her feet in the water – make contact with her Source – to take that path. They – the Source and the Path – are one in the same.

On a personal level, this card represents an unfortunate – but temporary – position. If this card represents you personally in a reading, you are being called to take accountability for your own contributions to your situation. Likely, it is a situation or responsibility that you wish to be free of, or you wouldn’t have received this card and its message. You are being called, when this card addresses you, to OPEN YOUR EYES. There is a reason why you haven’t taken off your blindfold, and it isn’t good for you. Go within, sort it out, and start walking your path.

This card applies to anyone and everyone in the dark about or in opposition to the fundamental global shift we are experiencing. If you think about it, you probably know and are experiencing the shift I’m talking about. You can probably feel it. We are more connected to, more affected by, and more responsible for each other than we have ever realized, or recognized, as a global community. Our relationship to our communities, and our communities’ relationships to national societies, and national relationships with the rest of the globe, are being brought to our attention. The changes we need to make, and the shape and color of the respective blindfolds, vary greatly. Our Sources – spiritual, physical, governmental – are just within our reach.

The call to all of us (global citizens) is heralded and activated by the series of squares (tense relationships) between Uranus (revolution, sudden change) and Pluto (death and rebirth, the Phoenix). These squares began in 2012 and will continue to square off periodically, seven times, specificallly, until 2015. The revolution may or may not be televised.

The third exact square in this series occurs just a few days from now, on May 20th, 2013.

On a personal level, the Eight of Swords manifested itself in my reading to show me where my strength and my inner resources were being wasted. Where I allowed my energies to be issued without result or return, and where I was refusing to take accountability for my part.

On a global level, the Eight of Swords might tell us the same thing. Where, exactly are we okay with our strength and our resources being being ‘wasted,’ and why, exactly, are we okay with that? Because don’t know how to affect change within our own homes, or within Washington, or within our global economy? We don’t know how to put ourselves to work in this, or we don’t know if we really want to, or maybe, we hope *something* will change, making our participation and our ventures outside of comfort zones just unnecessary. Someone else will change this. Right?

Not so much.

The Uranus/Pluto squares will open our eyes to the hows and whys of our erroneous thinking about our contributions. We ought to see, each and every one of us grown folk, by the time these squares are over, what we – and our leaders – can do and ought to do, and haven’t done, to contribute to the betterment of our personal, societal, spiritual, and  GLOBAL existence. For real.11-27-12-tahrir-square





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