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Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Taurus

taurus_110x110The upcoming lunation, and the outstanding planetary arrangement during the May 9th Solar Eclipse, deserves a decadent introduction. I’ll quote myself, if I please:

“Taurus. Taurus, and Taurus. Also, Taurus, Taurus and Taurus. And for all you natal Taureans, T A U R U S.”     – Megan, not a Taurus, lover of Taurus

On May 9th, both our Sun and Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, and the asteroid Pallas will all huddle up in the sign of physical manifestation, Taurus. There is SO much to derive from the alignment of these bodies at the time of the Full Moon and Solar Eclipse! Wow! (Well, technically, Venus will have moved into Gemini by the actual time of the eclipse, but until then she’s working in Taurus with her friends toward the energy climax.) I am getting hungry thinking about all this Taurus…

Personally, under any stellium (three or more planets/bodies in one sign) I need to break the pile-ups down theme by theme. And because it pleases me, its worth it, and I can take my time and have a snack while I do this (oh, Taurus!), I will proceed to these two current sky themes:

1) Venus (love and beauty, money, Taurus’ Ruler), our Moon (Mother/emotions), and Pallas (Goddess of wisdom, strategy, war) are female-centric. Women of the World, this is your week, and Men, you are called upon to introspect, some. Everyone, look to your Self-Value. Your inner worth is on display now, and She/He needs your love and attention. Its time to invest in You, to treat yourself to KINDness, and to take inventory of what you’ve given yourself, and what you deserve. Think intangibles, like tranquil, nurturing self-regard on a day to day basis, and also think “physical comfort.” Manicures, massages, a wine date with your sweetheart, time in your favorite temple, the garden you have been wanting to start for the stockpile of medicinal herbs, etc. If you haven’t paid much mind to your Self-Value lately, you don’t have anything to lose by doing so now; it will pay off in a big way over the next few weeks. But be real about it. Egos inflate under a sky like this, greediness looks great. And I’m not just talking about second helpings to those organic banana/walnut/coconut flour pancakes, either, I mean… anything VENUS looks great: too much sex (or extra sex on the side, if you’re committed), overspending, gambling, TOO much time in the spa. Watch your pants, your wallet, and your waistline, but HAVE A GOOD TIME DOING IT, with an emphasis on building Self-Value.

What about the aspects of self you that you don’t value, so much? Well, pay mind to those things as well, now, and REBUILD. Accept yourself, add value to your understanding of self, and above all, be patient with yourself. If you are on a spiritual path, doing inner work, or recommitting yourself to an old passion, or practices for upwardly mobile and healthy life, revisit those things, and visit often over the coming weeks. Your commitments here will stand the test of time, if you commit. Though we do not change overnight, and Taurus reminds us of this, keep working, as this sky portends that efforts put in will be manifested and realized.

2 ) The Sun (father/authority), Mars (drive/will), and Mercury (mind/communication) are masculine, and together in the sign of the Bull, they are a force with which one ought not to trifle. I mean, why trifle when you can take them to the bank? You can benefit from this masculine energy arrangement when you apply yourself to speaking your mind in a way that reflects your will and builds your authority logically (and builds Value while you do it). Of course, this can be done for better, or for worse! Taurus is about longevity and lasting effects, and under a Taurus New Moon, the direction you give to your energy will take off in a way that lasts. As will the repercussions of acts of will. So, do your homework. In negotiation, catch your stubbornness before it trips you up. This is *definitely* not the time to use Sun/Mars/Mercury energies to be a “dictator,” or a “dick.” You could, in fact, be a really big, delicious, WARM, irresistable “tator.” People like those. And they will WANT to come to you, and support you and your will to be the best tator you can be. They may want to eat you up. I can’t get away from talk about food!

Of course, yummy tators may not meet your needs at this time. You may be at a crossroads, a pivot point in your position. You may need to access the horsepower of these planets. If you need to establish your authority now, professionally or personally, this is truly an auspicious climate. But, fair warning – you are not the only person trying to achieve authority. People are going to butt heads, egos are going to clash, and authority will be tested. Stay Calm. Your *inner* authority isn’t going anywhere. If you keep it grounded, no bullhorns will uproot you.

That said (as I nibble a strawberry), (nom nom nom) I would like to emphasize …

that this is a New Moon. Manifestation Lunation. In Taurus.

What you do you want? What do you need to acquire? Where is Taurus in your chart?

Taurus is seated in my fifth house, of children, creativity, pleasure, love, anything one can create and enjoy, and have FUN with. I like Taurus in this house. My moon (intuition/emotion/subconscious) is in Taurus here, and is tightly conjunct Chiron, the vulnerable Wounded Healer. (Even if I *didn’t* use astrology as a tool in my life, the *theme* of Taurus in the 5th zodiacal house, in respect to my subconscious, feminine mind, *would still speak* to my entire life as it is now, and everyone in it. Interesting!

One of the things I’ve created and had fun with recently is this blog site. It is SO new. It can be accessed for healing (Chiron), creation in general (fifth house), and the creation of a new and enjoyable way of communicating with self and others. I would like to establish and nurture the longevity (Taurus) of this blog. So during this Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Taurus, I will be researching and studying in respect to this goal. I will be bringing in and manifesting (New Moon) new practices and solid, practical knowledge (Taurus) in a concentrated fashion over the coming weeks. And I’m really going to enjoy doing it (5th house).

What are your intentions now? How are they tied to what you had on your plate and the goals you had at the beginning of April?

If you want to set some super-concentrated intentions for yourself this week, schedule a session with me to see where you can focus your energy for the greatest return.

All my love,




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