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Eight of Swords Addressed by the Uranus/Pluto Squares

In a reading done for me the other day (by a gentle but fierce teacher who inspires me deeply), the Eight of Swords card was drawn. It was a less than desirable card for my reading, but it was a harbinger of an important revelation, and I paid attention. I want to share the meaning … Continue reading

Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Taurus

The upcoming lunation, and the outstanding planetary arrangement during the May 9th Solar Eclipse, deserves a decadent introduction. I’ll quote myself, if I please: “Taurus. Taurus, and Taurus. Also, Taurus, Taurus and Taurus. And for all you natal Taureans, T A U R U S.”     – Megan, not a Taurus, lover of Taurus On May … Continue reading