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Scorpio Full Moon

full_moon_110x110 If the Scorpio full moon hasn’t reached culmination where you are, it will do so soon. Most of the people I’ve talked with about this lunar event started feeling a little “funny” a few days ago. This is a POWER moon, y’all! Changes are upon us. How will we greet them?

If you haven’t already, look at your chart to find the house(s) that holds Scorpio. More than likely, the changes or pressure that you see or feel going around (or within) you have something to do with the nature of Scorpio’s house in your chart.

Our last New Moon, in Aries, was absolutely BEAUTIFUL for planting seeds. Those seeds were planted in the kind of ground that thrives when you pay attention to your needs, focus on your actions, on your willingness to take risks and assert yourself. Whatever has manifested for you, whatever those seeds have grown up to be in the last couple of weeks, can be looked at now under the light of this Scorpio Full Moon.

You can include goals or intentions you’ve set in recent months and apply them now to your investigation of the state of things. If you planted seeds, or had goals (they could be physical or not, all goals are important) to reach for recently, did you reach them? How did you reach them, or how did your seeds bear their fruit? If you were hoping something would change for the better, did it? If you didn’t reach your goal, do you know why? Can you feel the pressure to reach those goals building strength, within or around you? Full Moons are all about acknowledging those pressures, and RELEASING the things that impede your flow toward your highest potential.

At °5 Scorpio, this Moon cycle is a golden opportunity to plunge the depths for answers to these questions. If they aren’t playing out in front of you, you can look within to find your answers. (And, if you have planets between 3 and 8 deg., roughly, in any of the fixed signs, you will likely feel that you *need* to find answers to these questions at this time.) Even if you are where you want to be, with your goals or with your approach to your life, now is the time to look to the house where Scorpio is in your chart, and start identify anything within that realm that could slow down or hinder your continued progress. Resolve to transform these things so that they are secure, or release them from your life. Whether these are attitudes you hold, a closet so full you can’t find anything in it, a job that doesn’t make you happy, a relationship that isn’t healthy, or habits that hurt you, anything! The sky is backing you up when you decide to transform/give the boot to these blockages.

For example, my Sun and Venus are in the first °10 of Scorpio (intensity, regeneration, dedication, authenticity, depth, focus) in my 10th house (of career, the general public, fame/infamy, ambitions). What is important to me about the action and changes going on around these themes in my life, needs to be supported. I need to make sure that I weed out my 10th  house gardens at this time, if I want my endeavors there to continue to be fruitful. One of my Full Moon intentions today was to release the anxiety I have about being filmed/recorded for a music video my band wants to make. Visual recording is forever, y’all, and once that video clip of you leaves your hands, it is out of your hands! This has always bothered me, and this is an irrational anxiety. It is not authentic to my higher path. I already know where the anxiety comes from because I have plunged my depths (Scorpio) to identify the sources in order to get real with them. If my band (career area/seen by general public) is going to make and promote this music video successfully (fame/infamy), I have to be on board (dedication). I have to get rid of my anxiety, transform MY attitude (regeneration) so that it does not get in my way. If I don’t lean on my anxiety about the situation in order to AVOID it, and if I TRANSFORM rather than avoid making necessary adjustments to my attitude, then my STRENGTH will see me through to my goal.

We do all this “weeding out” anyway, sometimes without plunging the depths to understand what lies at the base of our motivation, or what the ultimate result of the release of that object/situation/person might be. What we do under the Full Moon is a laser-focused extraction. Generally, we can release in ways that are easy and fast, for example, blocking a person on Facebook who is always negative/harrassing people in your news feed. Sometimes we do more complicated “weeding,” for example, extricating yourself from a group because of irreconcilable clashes of belief or interest. In the first instance, you block that hateful person because his or her negative attitude does not need a platform on your page or in your consciousness, and you’re just tired of reading his or her unhealthy, uninformed crap. It takes up valuable time and attention. Block them, and the drain on your attention is released. Done. In the second instance, we release our association with a group who might have had a considerable impact on our life or consciousness, and it may be that a change of lifestyle or attitude is the result. No matter how uncomfortable the result may be at first, it is preferable to stagnating in a situation that isn’t healthy. Scorpio will bring those unhealthy things to your attention now, and even if you choose not to act on them, chances are you will notice something around you which draws attention back to the issue of *the release of what is no longer working* for you.

Scorpio Full Moon, folks. You can run, but you can’t hide. =)

‘Til next time,




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