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New Moon in Aries/Noctua Tarot’s First Blog!

new_moon_110x110Since we are so close to the April 10th New Moon, I think it is a good idea to cover some ground for intention setting. If you are unfamiliar with intention setting, this is a great place to cozy up to the idea.

The coming New Moon is in Aries. This is a “take initiative” lunation, the perfect time to harness Aries’ dynamic, self-focused, primal, uninhibited energy and put it to use toward your highest good and bravest self. Start that public project. Pick up a new instrument and inspire yourself. Reorganize your entire home and host a fundraising party. Ask that guy/gal out on a date. You get the idea. Set yourself up for success, with bravery, and align yourself with your goals.

When I set intentions during New and Full Moons, I always look to see where the Moon will fall in my natal chart. By doing so, I can focus the energy available on points where it will be the most potent. For example, I have Aries in the fourth house of home, roots, nurturing, and domestic protection. At this very moment, I’m on a break from changing out the air filters in my house, putting all our winter gear into storage, setting apart for donation all winter items we no longer need, and upgrading to better media services, all while practicing my vocals for an upcoming gig. (And if you could have seen me, it probably would have looked as wierd as it sounds.) I expect to be busy working from home, taking care of my family, host to additional company and new projects. So, its a lot of work, and its not exactly glamorous in here *right now,* but, guess what? It feels good! I am clearing space for and taking actions needed to support  the rapid growth and activity around myself and my fourth house concerns.

Look at your chart. In what house does the sign of Aries fall for you? Start thinking about what you want to change, improve, or manifest in the areas of concern for that house, and set your intentions accordingly. If you don’t have a natal chart, no problem. Go to http://www.astro.com and follow their easy steps to get yours for free.

By the way, setting intentions for New and Full Moons is a great way to keep track of goals that aren’t in your face all the time. You know, the stuff you want to see in your life but are too busy *living your life* to manifest. This Aries New Moon is the perfect time to put self-focused energy into new initiatives like intention setting! Its all about you, its all about doing. So, do it, you!

One more thing. Since I am just getting started publically, your first tarot reading with me will be free. If you are reading this blog and interested in a reading before Wednesday, April 10th, send me a message and I will send you an email detailing my personal code of ethics regarding my readings (which are done through email only), and the types of readings available. I strive to have all this information made public on this blog by Wednesday, April 10th.

Well, this is a whopper first blog! Thanks for reading! I welcome your comments and questions.

Love and light,



2 thoughts on “New Moon in Aries/Noctua Tarot’s First Blog!

  1. Megan gave me a lot of direction. Accurate and detailed! She was able to really see what my roadblocks were and provided me tools and advice to overcome them. I would definitely recommend a session or two with her!

    Posted by karmen | April 9, 2013, 10:00 p04
  2. Very imformative blog. It made me think of the planet Aries and how I could use that energy to not only begin new things, but to complete some things that I put on hold… like my book. I also wanted to say “thank you” for one of the most amazing readings I have ever had done in my life. You nailed it! Put things into perspective so I could make informed decisions. After all, that is the whole purpose of a reading. May God Bless you in your work. Good Job!

    Posted by Debbie | April 21, 2013, 10:00 p04

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